Display Gifts Inc.
CA since 2003
Manufacturer of Display Cases

We are a small, family business based in South San Francisco, California. The company is established as Display Gifts Inc. in 2003. We strive on providing the finest craftsmanship on all of our products and customer service is our highest priority.  Our quality is unmatched and your Satisfaction guaranteed.  In manufacturing, each piece of natural hardwood is hand selected for the best raw material for our display cases.  While our cases involve an extensive amount of craftsmanship, our craftsmen have used only the finest woodworking techniques.

Our business model is very simple: we make the display cases ourselves and sell direct to buyers. By cutting out the middleman we are able to save a big portion of the cost and pass the saving to you, the buyer. That is why we are able to offer prices much lowers than any of our competitors. The combination of excellent customer services, honest business practices, and low prices will create high customer satisfaction. Happy buyers will come back for more business and recommend friends, thus growing our business.

Our collectible display cases' gives you all the principles of "Value": Great Price, Quality, Durability, and Functionality...which you will love today and tomorrow